Summer Brings New Threats to Indoor Air Quality!

During summertime it can be really tricky to maintain the good quality of indoor air. For example, damp air can trigger asthma symptoms. Hot indoor temperature increases the risk of dangerous chemicals being released from furniture (such as formaldehydes). Hot and humid air enhances growth of mold, dust mites and other microorganisms. Opening the window will let in several of allergens such as pollen and dust particles. In addition to these mentioned issues, holiday break can also mean spending our free time on household repair activities. Painting, waxing or thorough chemical cleaning only adds to the list of pollutants that we might breathe in during the summer.

So what can be done to minimize or even avoid these risks?


  • In actions against dust mites, and dust or pollen allergies keep your house clean and vacuumed.
  • In actions against increased VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde, maintain proper ventilation especially during painting and household cleaning. Replace chemical cleaners with natural and more environmental friendly solutions.
  • In actions against allergens and pollution particles consider purchasing Pure Air Zone products for efficient and discreet local air filtration.
  • In actions against microorganisms’ growth avoid using air humidifiers during hot days.
  • In actions against high ozone (enhancing negative health effects of air pollution) keep the windows and doors close. However, open windows widely during windy days for natural air ventilation.

Pure Air Zone aims at raising the awareness about air quality problems while contributing with a unique solution for preventing air-pollution-related diseases. Pure Air Zone® products are creating a stable bubble of clean air where you work, play, rest or sleep thus helping you to minimise the health damage and enhance your wellbeing.