Sick and tired….? It could be allergy! #health #allergy #pollen #sleep

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Many people mistaken allergy symptoms for usual cold or influenza signs. Tiredness, throat pain, sneezing and even sometimes mild fever are shared symptoms for all conditions.

As explained by Åslög Dahl spokesperson from Pollen Laboratory at Gothenburgs University, the molecular compounds found at the surface of the plant pollen grain are of the same type of those found in human body during time of inflammation. Mast cells found in human mucosal tissue (e.g. inside our nose) react in presence of proteins and fatty acids from pollen. The pathway of allergy signalling resembles the one of inflammatory actions. Therefore we often perceive the allergy signals as a bad cold or flu.

In addition, it is often missed that there are also other symptoms that can be associated with allergic reactions. One of examples can be bad night sleep. In recent study made on a group of teenagers in Malmö, southern city in Sweden, it was shown that there is strong negative correlation between the amount of pollen and live quality. High amount of allergens in the air causing swelling of the mucous which further resulted in more than 64% of study group waking up more than once during the night. Discomfort and disturbed night sleep causes constant tiredness, decreased study and work performance, and bad mood, or even sometimes mild depression. Ironically, some of the types of allergy treating antihistamines can give similar effects.


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