Pass on the message: We all need clean air! #air #pollution #EUEnvironment #health #EU_ENV

Watch this video to find out more how the air pollution can harm our health (video by European Environment Agency).

Air pollution is a dangerous factor that harms human health in more ways than it is usually believed. Serious attempts have been made to reduce the particles emission. However, air pollutant concentrations remain too high and they continuously damage our health. Moreover the unsolved air pollution problem persists as a harmful factor for future generations.

Pure Air Zone® strives to improve the indoor air quality all over the world. We aim for everyone to be able to breathe clean air and behold theirs good health and overall wellbeing. Our products create the clean air space where you work, relax and sleep.

As one of the additional measures taken in this direction we gradually post information aiming to increase this problem awareness. Follow us on social media or check out regularly our NEWS section.