Obesity and Poor Metabolism Linked to Early-In-Life Exposure to Air Pollution. #environment #obesity

Epidemiologic evidence suggests that air pollution is a risk factor for childhood obesity.

Increased air pollution levels are risk factors behind childhood obesity – is being reported by researchers from Duke University (North Caroline, USA) and Peking University (Beijing, China). In article published in February 2016, scientists were able to link this environmental pollution with insulin resistance (found often behind diabetic conditions), weight gain and tendency to inflammatory conditions.

In the region of Beijing, where the air pollution almost daily reaches life threatening levels, small children are exposed to high concentrations of particulate matters. Infants over the time develop inflammation in lung tissue what further leads to cardiovascular and metabolical dysfunctions. Identified inflammatory pathway (TLR2/4) activated systematically appears to be one of the causes behind of weight gain and obesity.


Reference: http://bit.ly/21hDMs3