Great News! India and EU Ratifies the Climate Agreement

India and EU ratifies the climate agreement
India and EU ratifies the climate agreement

The Paris Agreement was originally signed by 191 authorities, and so far 62 parties have ratified the document accounting for 51.89% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. Among these countries we can find big polluters such as China, and also India since the 2nd of October 2016. This forces India to a reform where at least 40% of total energy shall come from non-fossil sources by 2030.

Furthermore, the European Union has also joined the fight against  carbon dioxide polluters. The European Commission is making great efforts on legislative proposals to achieve goals on reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

During COP21 in Paris the global community stated commitments aiming at serious reductions of carbon dioxide emissions, and hopefully becoming Climate Neutral in the long run. These expectations are shared among governments, organisations and industry, as well as by many many people. Campaigns such as CLIMATE NEUTRAL NOW are calling for organisations and  individuals to join these worldwide efforts.

Pure Air Zone joins this climate pledge by creating products with low environmental impact and for sustainable energy usage.


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