Compounds in Interior Decoration Elements Influence Air Quality

Harmful Chemicals May be Released by Indoor Design Elements

Indoor air quality is dependent on compounds present in of interior decoration elements, and on their quality. Many harmful chemical compounds can be found in furniture, or may be released into the air due to specific climate conditions, negatively affecting the air that we breathe. Furthermore, efficient building isolation may trap harmful compounds indoor, thus prolonging the exposure time. 

For example, benzenes found in plastics or furniture wax can caused eye irritation and even headaches. Formaldehydes, common in most of the synthetic fibers or plywood panels, can result in both short-term irritation as well as long-term health defects and respiratory diseases. Additionally, xylene released from materials, leather or paints may cause diverse health complications.

Therefore it is crucial for elements used in interior design and decoration to be tested for harmful substances before they end up in our homes and offices. Since we cannot simply detect or test the presence of these chemicals by ourselves, we have to rely on internationally acknowledged certification bodies. Many certification standards and criteria are available for furniture manufacturers, retailers and distributors. In this way the market and society can promote sustainability guidelines, care for environment, social responsibility, and traceability.

Pure Air Zone products improve air quality locally and are manufactured with naturally safe components and certified textiles.

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