Clean Air Makes Us Smarter!

We all can instantly feel the negative effects of bad ventilation and polluted air. However, until recently it has been hard to find direct arguments for the benefits of clean air. Fortunately, a recent study from Harvard shows very interesting results of increased performance and efficiency  correlated to clean air.  

A published study describes how scientists interpreted results on nine cognitive skills, such as concentration, crisis management or critical thinking, considering different air quality conditions. Not surprisingly, the groups analysed performed at least twice better that other groups when working in conditions free from pollution. It has also been shown that working and breathing air similar to clean outdoor conditions enhances performance. Most probably due to active ventilation.

Another important finding was that higher levels of carbon dioxide, CO2 had an instant negative effects on a majority of the cognitive abilities studied. Lower levels of CO2 were directly related to increased performance and smarter solutions.

These findings shad light on the importance and benefits of indoor air quality both for offices as well as schools. Studying while breathing clear air seems to contribute for better results and faster learning. As further confirmed by David Wyon from the Technical University of Denmark – DTU, air conditions such as levels of PM2.5 and PM10 seem to increase students’ learning efficiency by 30 percent.

Pure Air Zone supports awareness campaigns on the benefits of good indoor air quality and is developing innovative products to achieve those goals.


This articles was originally published in Svensk Ventilations tidning AER Nr 1/2016