Air pollution behind increasing rate of allergy! #allergy #asthma #health #pollution

IMG_0314 650xScientists found a strong link between the increased air pollution and rising number of people suffering from allergy and asthma related symptoms! In recently presented research from Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Doctor Christopher Kampf explains how come more people with acceleration develop allergies or why even more become extremely sensitive during allergy seasons.

It was for long time observed that the air pollution and allergy increased occurrence go hand in hand. However, not until now the scientific explanation was given revealing the underlaying process. As reported a number of air pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide or ozone which are the direct outcome of the climate change process are the main evildoers. Theirs presence and activity in the air trigger a chain of chemical reactions which causes a pollen allergens to modify theirs structure. In majority of these changes the outcome is a boost allergens reactivity and stronger biological effect. These altered allergens and poor air quality (specially humid and smoggy environment) are behind enhanced immune response of the body.



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