Achoo! 5th of May is the World Asthma Day. Let’s help to raise awareness! #Asthma #Allergy #awarenessmonth

AAFA PAZAchoo! May is the month when asthma and allergy season peaks. That´s why many national and international organisations double theirs efforts to reach a bigger forum and spread the knowledge about the problem.

Why should we get involved? In recently revised data it was proposed that more than 334 million people worldwide suffer from asthma. Almost 14% of all world´s children experience negative effects of this disease. According to continuously collected health information it is brought to attention that asthma distribution is as high and rising in low- and middle-income regions as much as in highly developed countries.

It is very important to raise the awareness about the disease to help to understand the burden that affected people struggle with and also to help to create a better treatment of the symptoms. In many cases asthma can be prevented by either improving the living conditions or applying proper treatment to in early stage of development.

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